Monday, November 23, 2020

The Holiday Gift Guide for the Photo Enthusiast, 2020

An adorable photographer doll for your budding photo enthusiast from Portugese brand Severina Kids. $100.   

Zanele Muholi: Somnyama Ngonyama, Hail the Dark Lioness, the long-awaited monograph from one of the most powerful visual activists of our time, $79.

UNSEEN uncovers never-before published photographs of Black history from the New York Times and tells the stories behind them. $28. 

A gorgeous photo book of fashion in the Congo: Sapeurs: Ladies & Gentlemen of the Congo, $39

A simple fanny pack to carry your film while you're on the job, $48



Wrap your camera in this ingenious origami cover, the Pop Up Camera Cover, that folds flat when not in use, $423

 A fun and simple instant camera from Fuji, the Square SQI in terracotta orange, $120 and film, $20

A large scale photograph from Captured 52, like this one, by photographer Jill Beth Hanes, $2695 


A donation to Youth and Focus, where they provide students with high-quality equipment and tools to release their creative voices, priceless 

The much-anticipated monograph from Tyler Mitchell, I Can Make You Feel Good, in which he imagines what a Black utopia could look like, $55.


 A manual that resembles an old film camera manual to introduce (or reintroduce) you to the pure joy of analog photography, $23


Siren, by Russian photographer Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii, taken using several color filters in the early 1900s, $75  

A vintage t-shirt from Kodak, $10


 Photographs from the New York Public Library's archives, free


Your support of a great local art museum, by purchasing or renewing your membership: Cascadia Art Museum, National Nordic Museum, Studio Museum in Harlem, International Center of Photography, varied.  


Fredi Guevara-Prip, Looking Glass

April Riley, New Heights

The Studio Museum of Harlem's first online photography exhibit featuring the work of NYC-area high school students, Hearts in Isolation, free.

Jack Naughton

Jonathan Gardenire

Support artists impacted by the pandemic at Lifeboat, a site started by photographer Jake Naughton or hire a photographer from Diversify, a site built to equip art buyers, creative and photo directors with the resources to discover photographers of color available for assignments and commissions.


Download a photo from the National Portrait Gallery, print it, and frame it in a large scale frame. Pro tip, search "open access" for free downloads. Top, (L) Frederick Douglass, (R) Lola Montez, Bottom, (L), Wally Pipp, 1922, (R) Unidentified Man, Matthew Brady Studio, 1860-1870

A mask to keep you and your friends and family safe, $13
Contact prints from some of the world's most talented photographers from Magnum Photos, $279. 
Pictured above, a contact sheet by Elliot Erwitt of a chihuahua in New York City, 1946. 
Said Erwitt of his enduring interest in dogs: “Until recently, I have never especially set out to take dog pictures but somehow dogs appeared in large numbers on my contact sheets. A few years back while looking through my inventory of pictures to assemble a retrospective book and exhibition of random photographs taken on my travels, I was surprised by the preponderance of dogs. Obviously, my sympathy for the creatures was deeper than I had imagined.” 


Other notable editions include Miles Davis, The Beatles, James Dean, trees and Omaha Beach, Normandy by David Seymore.
And always and forever, film, $42

To everyone, Happy Holidays. Please stay safe. 


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Friday, September 30, 2016

With love to you, Hoboken.

Last year I photographed a friend and her family on the waterfront in Hoboken. I was so thrilled by how easy it was to get there by train from Manhattan that I took my family there the next day to do a little exploring. I'm thinking of you, Hoboken and wishing those injured a speedy recovery and saddened to hear that someone lost their life there today.

City Island

Last summer, in preparation for my seven months off (new baby!) we had a lot of "staycations." We decided to spend the day on City Island, where neither of us had ever been. A small island located in the Bronx, it felt very far away from the rest of the city.  

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Holiday Gift Guide for the Photo Enthusiast, 2015

A rich photography book that reminds you to stop and pay attention to life's fleeting moments.

An instant film camera with manual exposure, plus it's called the Central Park. 

One-of-a-kind photographs by Richard Learoyd, made with a room-sized camera obscura (see a video about his camera here).  

Agnes with Eyes Closed, around £80,000.

Or you can buy his book:

Sadly, the Holga is being discontinued.

Get this wonderful plastic camera, with all its imperfections, before it's gone.

Holga, $40

The Polaroid Cube, an adventure camera in a very small package.

The Polaroid Cube, $100.

Square prints of your photos and a wood block made from reclaimed beetle pine.

Large scale prints of your photos, 40x60 print – $149.

Hang your large-scale prints with this frame that uses oak and magnets. 

Oak Rail, $45

A photo book that is delivered to you automatically after you post 60 photos to social media.

Ongoing book series, $8 each.

Bill Cunningham's jacket.*

Classic French worker's jacket, $80.

IDNYC, which gets you free membership for a year to multiple city art museums.

IDNYC, Free.

The current camera de jure amongst my filmy friends. 

 Driving Tour with Sara Cedar Miller, Central Park Conservancy Historian and Photographer

Learn stories and secrets about the Park during your tour with Sara Cedar Miller, Central Park Conservancy's historian and photographer for more than twenty-five years. You will also receive one of Miller's autographed Seeing Central Park books as a keepsake. 

Tours start at $500.

And, always and forever, film. 

 Fuji 400H, $41.95


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*Photo of Bill Cunningham taken at the Jazz Age Lawn Party, Governors Island, 2013. Shot on film, of course. Copyright Megan Joplin, all rights reserved.