Monday, November 23, 2020

The Holiday Gift Guide for the Photo Enthusiast, 2020

An adorable photographer doll for your budding photo enthusiast from Portugese brand Severina Kids. $100.   

Zanele Muholi: Somnyama Ngonyama, Hail the Dark Lioness, the long-awaited monograph from one of the most powerful visual activists of our time, $79.

UNSEEN uncovers never-before published photographs of Black history from the New York Times and tells the stories behind them. $28. 

A gorgeous photo book of fashion in the Congo: Sapeurs: Ladies & Gentlemen of the Congo, $39

A simple fanny pack to carry your film while you're on the job, $48



Wrap your camera in this ingenious origami cover, the Pop Up Camera Cover, that folds flat when not in use, $423

 A fun and simple instant camera from Fuji, the Square SQI in terracotta orange, $120 and film, $20

A large scale photograph from Captured 52, like this one, by photographer Jill Beth Hanes, $2695 


A donation to Youth and Focus, where they provide students with high-quality equipment and tools to release their creative voices, priceless 

The much-anticipated monograph from Tyler Mitchell, I Can Make You Feel Good, in which he imagines what a Black utopia could look like, $55.


 A manual that resembles an old film camera manual to introduce (or reintroduce) you to the pure joy of analog photography, $23


Siren, by Russian photographer Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii, taken using several color filters in the early 1900s, $75  

A vintage t-shirt from Kodak, $10


 Photographs from the New York Public Library's archives, free


Your support of a great local art museum, by purchasing or renewing your membership: Cascadia Art Museum, National Nordic Museum, Studio Museum in Harlem, International Center of Photography, varied.  


Fredi Guevara-Prip, Looking Glass

April Riley, New Heights

The Studio Museum of Harlem's first online photography exhibit featuring the work of NYC-area high school students, Hearts in Isolation, free.

Jack Naughton

Jonathan Gardenire

Support artists impacted by the pandemic at Lifeboat, a site started by photographer Jake Naughton or hire a photographer from Diversify, a site built to equip art buyers, creative and photo directors with the resources to discover photographers of color available for assignments and commissions.


Download a photo from the National Portrait Gallery, print it, and frame it in a large scale frame. Pro tip, search "open access" for free downloads. Top, (L) Frederick Douglass, (R) Lola Montez, Bottom, (L), Wally Pipp, 1922, (R) Unidentified Man, Matthew Brady Studio, 1860-1870

A mask to keep you and your friends and family safe, $13
Contact prints from some of the world's most talented photographers from Magnum Photos, $279. 
Pictured above, a contact sheet by Elliot Erwitt of a chihuahua in New York City, 1946. 
Said Erwitt of his enduring interest in dogs: “Until recently, I have never especially set out to take dog pictures but somehow dogs appeared in large numbers on my contact sheets. A few years back while looking through my inventory of pictures to assemble a retrospective book and exhibition of random photographs taken on my travels, I was surprised by the preponderance of dogs. Obviously, my sympathy for the creatures was deeper than I had imagined.” 


Other notable editions include Miles Davis, The Beatles, James Dean, trees and Omaha Beach, Normandy by David Seymore.
And always and forever, film, $42

To everyone, Happy Holidays. Please stay safe. 


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