Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Creative Wallpapering

This 1840s farmhouse in Walton, New York, with its creative wallpapering, reminds me of my parent's Pacific Northwest house that they sold in 2008. In the 1970s, my mother used pattern covers and fashion spreads from magazines she found inspiring to decoupage the wall (and floor!)of her sewing room. When they sold it, it was amazing to really take a look at what was in vogue at the time. The red and white room was inspired by a tea tin my mother had lying around. I loved the hot air balloon as a kid. Both rooms were unfinished basement rooms that were rarely seen by guests - which made them all the more exciting as a kid.
P.S. If you enlarge the bottom photo, you can see my sister's handiwork under the hot air balloon.

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glam.spoon said...

that's your mother's sewing room??? I LOVE it. no wonder you're so cool. :)

Megan said...

Hey, thanks! My mother is pretty creative! She always has something brewing . . .