Saturday, January 9, 2010

Polaroid Display

I bought the book Apartment Therapy Presents: Real People, etc. at the Westsider sometime ago and am slowly making my way through it. I was struck today by Shannon and Emmett's cool digs in Chicago. They converted an old factory into a home and art studio. I love the entire place but am really excited about how they displayed Emmet's 4 x 5 artwork slides. They placed the slides in light boxes above their bed giving the whole room a romantic glow: I'd love to do something similar - which got me thinking about Polaroid display ideas. Here are a few:

Olivia's simple "Polaroid Wall":Using "mystery strips" from Home Depot:I like the quiet simplicity of this one:
And I love this one, too:
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glam.spoon said...

those are amazing images... makes me LONG for my Polaroid camera that was my only companion across the country back in 1996.