Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Great Room

This is the bedroom of three little boys. The designer, their mother, had to let go of her own design sensibilities in order to do what they really wanted: the color orange, nothing girly and airplanes. Even though she doesn't like it, I think it's a great room. I also love the airplane painting that she did herself with a paint pen.

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Photo by Ashley Ann Photography.

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Lisa said...

The photo is good, but my interest is your comment about the mother having to suspend her own style-consciousness to give the boys what they want.

I had to put my son and daughter in the same small bedroom for 5 years and he was too small for a vote. I knew exactly what I wanted: white walls, built in beds with storage underneath, and a design scheme of interchangeable gingham check..red, blue or yellow. I believed strongly that they would grow to like it. Nope!

My 10 y/o daughter finally has her own room. When I pass her open door, I wish it was light + bright. Instead, I am struggling with myself to accept sea green, a soft navy blue and every surface covered with her decorative touches: my old scarves, her old feather boas, photos, drawings, furry pillows, knick knacks, etc.. She recently informed me that she wants to paint her walls a medium-tone purple. I will let her but I won't like it. My daughter wants to be an interior designer, artist, inventor someday. She does installations in her bedroom and photographs them (when she can find her Fuji digital camera, which she chose b/c it is purple).

P.S. Thank you for the #ff on Twitter in @yourgreatlife. That's me.